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The fourteenth project of the Dream Catcher Foundation is the construction of the following Primary School in Cambodia:

Wat Lom Proleung, Sontei Village, Dan Run Commune, Soutr Nikom District, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia

Wat Lom Proleung Elementary School is currently located on the site of a pagoda.

The classrooms are overcrowded and not very motivating for the children.
Child's Dream staff meet with school leadership and community members to discuss the project.

Project description:

Despite its growing tourism sector, Cambodia remains one of the poorest and least developed countries in Southeast Asia. Cambodia ranks 146th out of 191 countries on the Human Development Index (2021), which takes into account education, health and income. Development is not evenly distributed across the country and many rural communities remain impoverished as corruption and vested interests hamper the country's growth - including the village of Sontei.


The village is located in the upper floodplain of Tonle Sap Lake and has 2,761 residents, most of whom make a living from commercial fishing and agricultural work. In the village of Sontei, the Wat Lom Proleung primary school was set up in a pagoda in 1932. The school's first building was built by the community in 1988, followed by a second building in 1996. Finally, in 2012, a building with a classroom was built by a tourist from Korea. The number of students has gradually increased and currently includes 396 students (211 boys, 185 girls) aged 6 to 12 and employs 14 teachers (3 men and 11 women).

The school and the pagoda can no longer operate on the same premises as they are too overcrowded. In addition, the two older school buildings have cracks in the walls and foundation, so that the learning conditions are no longer optimal. Students and teachers urgently need their own safe and motivating learning environment. We have therefore agreed to support the community in the construction of two new school buildings with eight fully equipped classrooms (including a teacher's room). The project also includes the construction of eight new toilets. The new buildings will have an immediate positive impact on children and teachers and highlight the importance of education for the entire community.



Wat Lom Proleung Primary School is a state-approved school. The government supports teachers in their training,  pays their salaries and provides the curriculum and teaching and learning materials.

Our approach is to involve the community in the project to increase sense of purpose and increase pride and ownership. That's why the villagers agreed to make their contribution, by creating and maintaining the school's green areas, filling the foundation with earth and organizing the school's opening ceremony. For the actual construction, we will work with a trusted local construction company to coordinate all phases of construction and purchase all standard materials locally. Payments will be made in installments as construction progresses, with 5% of the total cost retained for six months as a guarantee of the quality of the work. Once the project is completed, the community will be responsible for maintaining the school. The school is easily accessible all year round. Construction is scheduled to begin in November 2023 and be completed by March 2024.

November 2023

Construction phase I will soon be completed and the walls are already up...

December 2023

Construction phase II will soon be completed and phase III, plastering and roof construction is already beginning...

End of December 2023

And progress continues on pace. Construction phase III is soon to be completed.

School opening January 18, 2024

The completed school building with the sanitary facilities.


Everyone is ready for the speeches and performances.


Handing over the dream catchers to the headmaster and receiving the award from the governor.

The children receive new backpacks with school supplies.

And tree planting shouldn't be missed either.

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