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The sixth project of the Dream Catcher Foundationin Myanmar is the construction of the following middle school:

Htar Ngo Middle School, Pin Laung Township, Shan State, Myanmar

The existing classrooms... The small kindergarten. The municipal assembly before signing the contract.

Htar Ngo Middle School is located in Htar Ngo Village, Pin Laung Township, Shan State, Myanmar. Located in a largely rural state, Htar Ngo village is about an hour's drive from Pin Laung and about four hours from Naypyitaw, the capital of Myanmar.

The village has a population of 1245 inhabitants from 293 households, most of whom depend on agriculture for their livelihood. Htar Ngo Middle School was founded in 1983. Originally serving as an elementary school, it achieved post-elementary school status in 2003 and then middle school status in 2018 to accommodate the growing student population.

Currently, 227 students (125 boys, 102 girls) aged 5 to 14 are being cared for and 11 teachers (1 man, 10 women) are employed. The school currently consists of two buildings; a one-room classroom building for the kindergarten students and a two-story building for grades 1 through 9. The kindergarten building, while structurally safe to use, is smaller than a standard classroom and therefore cannot comfortably accommodate all kindergarten students.

The other building is in very poor condition. It was built by the municipality in 2003 using simple methods and inferior materials. The brick nog technique (brick filling) did not work and the wooden beams in the walls and ceiling began to rot. There are no interior partitions and the classrooms are not very welcoming. This does not provide a comfortable or motivating learning environment from which students can truly benefit.

Due to this situation, we decided to support Htar Ngo Middle School in building a concrete school with five fully furnished classrooms and one staff room, providing students and teachers with an appropriate space that is not only comfortable and safe but also beneficial for effective and fun learning. The new school building will strengthen the importance of education for the entire community.

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