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The fourth project of the Dream Catcher Foundation in Myanmar is the construction of the following high school:

Nan Naint Branch High School, Nan Naint Village and Lone Pyin Village, Pin Laung Township, Shan State, Myanmar

The school grounds with the collapsing wooden building and the kindergarten.

Nan Naint Branch High School is located in Nan Naint Village, on the route of Lone Pyin Village, Pin Laung Municipality, Shan State, Myanmar. Shan State is largely a rural area with only three cities of any significant size: Lashio, Kengtung and the capital Taunggyi.

The village has 365 households with 1965 inhabitants. Most make a living from growing rice, while some grow corn, tea leaves, ginger and garlic.

The school was founded in 1976 as a state school. It was upgraded from primary to post-primary in 2003 and to intermediate in 2015. In 2019 it was upgraded to Branch High School level.

The school currently has 323 students (153 boys and 170 girls) aged 5 to 16 and employs 14 teachers. There are four school buildings - a wooden building (to be demolished), a kindergarten building, a third building

(3 classrooms and a staff room) and finally a building with 6 classrooms. Only 6 classrooms are actually available for the students due to the demands of the teachers, science lab, library, etc. Besides the increased demand for school places, there is also the problem of the dilapidated wooden building. It must be replaced as soon as possible.

Students clearly lack a safe and appropriate environment to focus on their learning. To address this urgent situation, we have decided to assist Nan Naint School in constructing a concrete school building (two floors) to complement the existing buildings.

The new school building will underscore the importance of education to Nan Naint village and other surrounding communities and provide an incentive for students to continue and complete secondary education.

The additional toilets will help improve hygiene standards at the school and help prevent hygiene-related illnesses. Two existing men's toilets will be demolished because of their poor condition, four new ones will be built in their place, resulting in a total of 8 toilets with the existing ones.


Nan Naint Branch High School is a state registered school. The government will support teachers' training and salaries, provide the curriculum and materials for teaching and learning.

Our approach is to always involve the community in the project to promote ownership and community development. For this project, the villagers have agreed to provide water for construction, excavation, soil filling, labor for construction, stones for construction and bamboo for scaffolding.

For the actual construction we will work with a local contractor to coordinate all phases of construction and source standard building materials locally as well as procure the required furniture. The municipality manages the payment transfers and oversees the construction in general.

Our local team will regularly monitor construction progress to ensure our high quality standards are maintained. The contractor will be paid in four installments as construction progresses, with 5% of the labor cost being retained for one year as a guarantee of the quality of the work. The municipality will be responsible for the school once construction is complete.

Nan Naint Branch High School is accessible by all vehicles at any time of the year. Construction is scheduled to start in February 2020 and is scheduled to be completed in September 2020.

end of March 2020

The building material has been delivered and construction is progressing rapidly.

end of May 2020

The weather is playing along and we are busy building.

end of August 2020

Construction is now almost complete.

Mid September 2020

The new building is finished. Due to the ongoing civil war in Myanmar, we unfortunately have to postpone the opening of the school indefinitely. The students are still being taught in the new school.

Mid March 2023
Screenshot 2023-03-31 at 14-10-12 Myanmar Junta Troops Massacre 23 Civilians Including Mon

The village where our school is located was attacked by Myanmar military junta troops. 23 villagers and 3 monks were massacred.

Fortunately, the school (the building with the blue roof in the photo above) remained undamaged. But it's closed now and we don't know when they can start school again...

A war that once again hits the innocent.

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