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Excerpts from the statutes of the dream catcher foundation

name and seat
There is a foundation in the sense of Art. 80 ff ZGB under the name of Stiftung Traumfanger based in Davos GR.

The endowment capital upon establishment is CHF 50,000.--. The endowment capital is increased by voluntary contributions and/or donations.

The duration of the foundation is unlimited. It begins its work once the foundation supervisory authority has confirmed that it has assumed supervision of the foundation and it has been entered in the commercial register of the canton of Graubünden.

The purpose of the foundation is to provide direct and indirect support on a non-profit basis to sick, disabled, neglected, neglected, needy or otherwise impaired children and young people as well as organizations with an impeccable reputation with the same objective, primarily in Switzerland and the Mekong region. The financial resources should primarily be used in the areas of training and medical assistance of any kind.
The foundation is non-profit. It also does not pursue any self-help purposes.

The Board of Trustees issues regulations on the details of organization and management. This can be changed at any time within the scope of the intended purpose by at least 2/3 of the foundation board members. Changes require the approval of the supervisory authority.

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