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The tenth project of the Dream Catcher Foundation in Vietnam is the construction of the following primary school:

Nguyen van Be Primary School, Cu Ni Municipality, Ae Kar District, Daklak Province, Vietnam

Ea Kar is a district in eastern Daklak Province. It is 52 km from Buon Ma Thout City in the central highlands of Vietnam.

The district has a population of 154,153 people and covers an area of 103,699 km2.

The population consists of 12 different ethnic minorities and most of them live from agriculture.

The Nguyen van Be primary school has 401 students. It consists of 15 classrooms which were built over 35 years ago. But these are no longer safe and it is therefore necessary to build a new school.

That's why we decided to support the Weather Foundation with the construction of this building.


The school has already been built and is in use. The official opening will take place later.

School opening December 9, 2022

The school is opened by Son from the Wetter Foundation.

Speeches, demonstrations and of course cutting the ribbon...

The children are happy about the successful celebration.

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